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Peace of Mind

Let your IT become effortless, so you can focus on the business side of things.

When trusting a third-party to look after your data, security is understandably a primary concern. Rest assured, because our data centres are completely power and ventilation redundant, along with fire suppression and fast, reliable network connectivity. Furthermore, constant monitoring ensures that someone is always present to fix any problems as they occur.

Your privacy is a main priority of ours too, so all communication between our servers and your client machine are fully encrypted. Our service also provides the reassurance that even if your local machine gets stolen or damaged, NONE of your data can be lost or compromised because it’s all stored externally with us. If you’re taking work home, don’t use a USB key anymore, a common potential threat to data security – just log in when you arrive, no risk, no worries.

Your data is fully backed up for disaster recovery both on and off site on fault-tolerant storage devices. Also, anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall software is applied as standard – 3 less essential protection products that need to trouble you.

Should anyone have any technical problems, with our product or otherwise, contact us and one of our support staff will sort you out. Any questions about the technical reliability of our service or just curious in general? Give us a call

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