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Too much of the IT industry devours high energy quantities – break away from the crowd and reduce your Carbon Footprint by outsourcing with us and reusing your equipment.

Computers are inherently bad for the environment – did you know that producing a complete desktop computer requires 240kg fossil fuels, 22kg potentially hazardous chemicals and 1,500kg water[1]! Combined with millions of old computer equipment saturating landfills with high proportions of unnaturally found compounds, it really is the case that better use out of your existing equipment results in a greener business.

Well, we have good news. Virtual Office Solutions requires vastly less computer hardware per employee than a conventional office set up, greatly reducing the IT contribution to your Carbon Footprint. Moreover, because the quality of the machines doesn’t need to be particularly advanced, you may well never need to order new equipment ever again, saving the equivalent of a large African Elephant’s weight in fossil fuel[2] from each refurbishment! When you consider the typical 3-year upgrade cycle, the ecological investments can quickly stack up for your company.

Extra benefits arise from making it possible to work from home, eliminating the daily commute and the greenhouse gases produced, and also freeing up the road so other drivers spend less time on the road too!

[1] reference

[2] 240kg*20 employees = 4800kg > 4540kg = avg African Elephant weight

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