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  • Cost


Lower IT costs without sacrificing quality equipment or support service, and keep your business’s productivity engine running smoothly, for less.

The bottom line: We can supply your Virtual Office starting from £750/month.

  • Equipment: never need to upgrade, potentially forever – Virtual Office’s only minimum requirement is an internet connection, so you can use your current computers indefinitely! All the application processing is done at our state-of-the-art facilities. Finally, you can now break out of the regular 3-4 year upgrade cycle and have the luxury of a rigid IT budget.
  • Your own server can sit in our cushy data centre, or rent or buy one of ours.
  • New company? Don’t have any hardware yet? We’ll supply you everything you need with no mark-up on the price.
  • Spend less on electricity – no need to provide constant power to a server room 24/7 anymore, you’ll just pay for the energy you’re actively using.
  • Free web hosting of your company’s site. Not online yet? No problem, we can help with that too.
  • Included IT support in the subscription, even if the problem isn’t related to our product in any way.

All you pay is a simple, monthly subscription. Sound interesting? See what you can get for your money.

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