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About Us

Virtual Office Solutions have years worth of experience in office virtualisation technology, but began providing IT services and solutions to companies in March 2003. They now serve over a hundred clients both locally and internationally.

Company Core Values

  • Endeavour to provide versatile and flexible solutions to meet client requirements
  • Transparency and clear presentation of solutions, how we operate and in the completeness of IT documentation
  • Cost competitive provision through using outside Jersey resources
  • Aim for aspirational IT, with a strong focus on client satisfaction

Service Differentiators

We really consider the service we provide to be unique, and we're certainly the only people in Jersey doing what we do:

  • Transparent, comprehensive documentation of all solutions, with an online client-visible 'task tracker' system that records all work pending and completed.
  • Our services and products are less expensive than other "local" suppliers. Our systems are UK based, providing cost advantages over other offshore based locations.
  • We have expertise in both networking and systems, allowing us to integrate solutions to our clients needs. We also have access to web and database development specialists, and have recently gained practical qualifications in VoIP technology.
  • Integration of document imaging, telephone, Microsoft Office solutions, and EPOS systems.
  • We can provide either dedicated solutions, branded to particular clients, or 'communal' systems branded as Virtual Office Solutions.

We are a small friendly team of dedicated individuals primed with delivering innovative solutions to meet the business needs of small to medium sized companies. Contact us today to discuss if we can start working with you.

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