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  • How we Helped Jersey Auctioneers

    Much of theie time is spent out of the office. Emails and diaries are managed on the valuers iPhone through the virtual office platformRead Case Study

     Peace of Mind

    Let your IT become effortless, so you can focus on the business side of things.

    When trusting a third-party to look after your data, security is understandably a primary concern. Rest assured, because our data centres are completely power and ventilation redundant, along with fire suppression and fast, reliable network connectivity. Furthermore, constant monitoring ensures that someone is always present to fix any problems as they occur.

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    “It’s all very nice, but will it work with our business plan?”

    Our product is best suited for new and existing small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) especially if your company wants:

    • An effective, simple solution covering IT, telephone, fax, etc - even if completely from scratch
    • A cheap way to accommodate for future expansions.

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     Cost Benefits

    Lower IT costs without sacrificing quality equipment or support service, and keep your business’s productivity engine running smoothly, for less.

    The bottom line: We can supply your Virtual Office starting from £750/month.

    • Your own server can sit in our cushy data centre, or rent one of ours.
    • Equipment: never need to upgrade, potentially forever – you can use your current machines to run VO, even if they’re relatively basic, because all processing power is streamed from our state-of-the-art facilities.

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    Too much of the IT industry devours high energy quantities – break away from the crowd and reduce your Carbon Footprint by outsourcing with us and reusing your equipment.

    Computers are inherently bad for the environment – did you know that producing a complete desktop computer requires 240kg fossil fuels, 22kg potentially hazardous chemicals and 1,500kg water! Combined with millions of old computer equipment saturating landfills with high proportions of unnaturally found compounds, it really is the case that better use out of your existing equipment results in a greener business.

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