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Will I notice any difference between Virtual Office software and those run locally?

No. All our programs are the same fully functional versions that you currently use. If anything, you’ll notice them working smoother through Virtual Office due to the speedy servers they operate on!

What software works?

Almost all kinds of software are compatible for use with our service, but commonly included applications can be viewed here.

OK, what else is included?

All your email addresses and message folders migrated over if required, plus easy desktop sharing with other employees or help desk staff. Regular office activities are also supplied – Shoretel VoIP technology means you can plug a compatible telephone in and send and receive calls as if you were at your desk, or you can use the call management software provided on your computer. We can also establish a mail scanning service whereby anything that gets delivered through your physical letter box will arrive minutes later in your virtual inbox.

What happens when my users have a technical problem?

You’ll get the benefits of complete IT support with prompt replies, even those small bothersome things that can ruin a perfectly good morning. We also provide comprehensive support documentation to all clients.

I’m looking to expand soon. How can VOS help my business?

The scalability of our service is only limited by your Internet connection. With Virtual Office Solutions, adding new users is straightforward, and works just as well in your current office or in a new location, lending itself to be the ideal answer to managing a non-stationary, versatile company.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Certainly. With a virtualised office, less hardware is required per employee, resulting in a reduced need for component production, which is known to have a heavy environmental impact. Other benefits are gained from reusing older machines and reductions in electricity requirements. Additionally, you could cut transport CO­2 costs by promoting working from home.

How quick is setting up a Virtual Office, and will my day-to-day operations get disrupted?

Contact us today and we will start on switching you over for whenever you like. We only need your current system to copy files over so there’s no need to put anything on hold while we sort you out.

Is my data safe?

Our state-of-the-art servers are backed by complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and high level security. Should something deteriorate, our 24/7/365 monitoring would notice and someone would see to the problem immediately. Additionally, all critical data is automatically backed up off-site, defending against natural disaster.

What if I want to share documents with co-workers?

Virtual Office allows you to set up shared folders with full permission control, which can easily be used for collaborations. Alternatively, for live involvement with work, we also provide functionality for conducting meetings and for quickly remotely view and control the desktop of anyone on your system (which is also very useful for support).

Can I still use my office printer?


What happens if my power or Internet connection fails?

If you're cut off from our servers for whatever reason, all your opened documents and programs will stay open on our server, and will be there just as you left them when you reconnect. If our servers have electricity supply issues, we have a powerful UPS for complete power redundancy, and even a diesel generator should it come to it!

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