Jersey Auctioneers

Business description

Drieu Auctioneers are the foremost auctioneers and valueurer in Jersey. They operate from Glencoe a site which has had an auction since for generations. Originally we installed an onsite server, however the auction room suffered from very fine dust due to the adjoining fields. In addition the auctioneers themselves wanted to be able to work from home, as well as have mobile access.

Particular requirements

  1. Dedicated database. The business has operated through a dedicated database, developed in Microsoft Access. The database holds both live and archive auctions, allowing the business to obtain details of any auction since the inception of the database in …
  2. Much of the auction contents is through site valuations where an auction valuer visits a site, and inspects items suitable for auction. As a consequence, much of the time is spent out of the office. Emails and diaries are managed on the valuers iPhone through the virtual office platform, allowing the auctioneer to be never too far away from the office.



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