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Max’s Italian

Particular requirements

  1. Maxs Italian was operated centrally as a group of businesses. The management accounting of the business was centralised to the head quarters of the business group. By putting Max’s Italian onto the cloud, allowed the central HQ to access the accounting function of the business and therefore manage the business from afar.
  2. Max’s Italian operated EPOS till systems. The till systems updated the main EPOS system once every evening and these aspects were imported into Sage accounts, also running on the Virtual Office Platform.
  3. The tills themselves are generally managed through a computer system. Management aspects include adding items to the tills, updating prices etc. In order to accommodate these aspects, we set up a private network between their virtual office system and the tills. This allowed the tills to be controlled from effectively anywhere.

Other aspects

We provided IT support to the workstations and printers operating in the premises, as well as arranging and monitoring their broadband services.



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