Yacht Plus

Nature of business

Yachtplus offer an 8 part share in large, state of the art private yachts. The yachts were built in Italy, and are managed by a specialist yacht management organisation. Yachtplus operate the business from London, with personnel based all over the world.

Details of yachtplus can be seen at :http://www.yachtplus.com


We provided an accessible solution, allowing the carious offices involved with the yacht building and management to share their applications and data. Like most businesses of this nature, YachtPlus have changed their business as they have moved from the yacht building stages, to marketing, promotion and now running the operation. We have been able to change the solution to parallel the business. As with all our other clients, we provide a complete solution to YachtPlus with supporting their desktops, laptops, printers, and internet connections.

Yachtplus produced a gleaming web site in 2010, we provided assistance and hosting for the web site, which has been running on our systems ever since.

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