ERARTA Galleries

The international group of Erarta Galleries, established in New York, London, Zurich, St Petersburg and opening in Hong Kong in Autumn 2013, offers clients the opportunity to buy contemporary art. The galleries aim to introduce contemporary Russian artists to the global art market as well as to discover and support emerging new talents. Clients can buy original paintings, sculptures and other art forms, with proceeds of sales in the commercial galleries enabling Erarta to financially support living artists.

The core business application is “Artbase” which is based on “Filemaker”, an Apple Mac database engine. The original database was operating in the gallery in New York. In addition each gallery was operating on it’s own email.

We operated the Artbase database system on our server platform in London, which allowed all the galleries to access the data centrally. Their email system was also centralised at our data centre. Now the business operates a centralised email system, along side the database and also their files and documents. All these items get backed up every night for piece of mind.

Using Cisco virtual private networking, allows us to remote to the galleries and provide support. We utilise local IT services companies as and when necessary to visit the site, if we need something doing physically in the sites themselves.

The current Erarta Galleries web site can be seen here, this was developed and is hosted by our sister company

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